The Appointment and Things (Pt. 3)

17 Apr

So I went back to the counselor to have the personality profile done. It was a multiple choice test; I bothered by this multiple choice. So a multiple choice test is going to tell you if I have the skill-set to be a “good parent”. I informed the counselor that I will be requesting a copy of the results.

I have yet to hear from the counselor; Charlie has called trying to schedule an appointment to have her personality profile done and has yet to hear back from the counselor. This leave me to wonder is she dead, hurt, busy, or avoiding us. Hmmmm? Only time will tell.


We are in the process of getting everything together so that we can move. I am very excited about this. We will try to move closer to our jobs and find a nice place to raise our future little. I am also excited about allowing someone to live in our current home. I love my house but its time to move on. Hopefully the next person will have as many wonderful memories as we do.


One Response to “The Appointment and Things (Pt. 3)”

  1. Yin! April 18, 2011 at 10:53 am #

    I have to say it’s ridiculous that a multiple choice test can be used to determine if someone is “fit” to be a parent. Just remember all the hoops you have to jump through will be worth it when you have a baby in your arms:) Good luck with the move hopefully you can find somewhere nice soon. Also good luck to both of you with your TTC journey!

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