8 Weeks Away

29 Apr

We are 8 weeks away from my due date. I can’t believe it’s so close. Every time I think about it I feel like crying. I don’t feel like my home is ready. The room has clothes all over the place and no decorations on the wall. I know that babies don’t need decorations but I do.

My wife’s job had a joint baby shower for her and a coworker. I realized during the shower how comfortable I am in my pregnant body. Listening to the other pregnant woman and the mother’s in the room discuss how much they hated getting bigger made me sad. Being pregnant is a journey, your body is making a human, and I don’t think you should feel shamed.


This past weekend I went to the emergency room because I was having weird chest pains. I was in the hospital for five hours and was diagnosed with atypical chest pains. They ruled out all the scary stuff — pneumonia, heartache, etc. The doctor thinks that my chest pain was either gas/heartburn or radiating shoulder pain. Last night my chest finally stopped hurting around 11 pm. I haven’t had any chest pain today. So that’s great.

My cousin came over to our new place and was shocked by the small size. People like to ‘apologize’ for the size of the new place —- don’t worry about it, you all are doing what you have to do? I have no issues with the size of our place. I guess people see it as a step down from our house. We lost a bedroom and some square footage; but our quality of life has truly increased. Moving was one of the decisions we’ve ever made.

4 Responses to “8 Weeks Away”

  1. flyingmermaidemily April 29, 2013 at 3:15 pm #

    Oh my god, you’re PREGNANT!

  2. Jennifer writingsofamrs April 29, 2013 at 3:29 pm #

    Best of luck to you with labor and delivery! An early welcome in to the beautiful world of Motherhood!

  3. X April 30, 2013 at 10:14 pm #

    I love your perspective on the randomness of life and people. I loved my body during pregnancy (one of my coworkers is pregnant now and says “I wish I felt that way” and I wish she did too). Enjoy the next 8 weeks 🙂

  4. Rachael May 1, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

    I was one who hated being pregnant. Not so much because of the ‘size’ of me, just the claustrophobic feeling I got. But, in the end, pregnancy is something I think all women should be able to experience and I really am glad I did it! 8 more weeks! It seems like just yesterday when I found your blog and you were announcing your pregnancy.

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