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Bad Blogger

31 Jul

It’s true. I’m a bad blogger now that I’m a mom blogger. It will get better I promise.

Updates —

My daughter has gotten cuter.

I’m super tired and have had several key task to accomplish this month. Celebrating my birthday, my drivers license needing renewing, update and renew my car tag, issues with my HR department, and just healing in general.

Parenthood so far has been tiring. The whole family is lacking on sleep. With that I will go take a nap.



10/30 – Water

27 Sep


The indoor waterfall in the waiting room at my doctors office.

9/30 – Autumn

25 Sep


The grass is changing colors in my neighborhood. Peanut doesn’t like that it gets stuck to his feet.

8/30 – Morning

23 Sep


This is my neighborhood in the morning. Peanut and I are out on a stroll.

7/30 – Food

22 Sep


Juice….I love it 🙂

3 – 6/30

19 Sep

3 Clouds


4 Something Green


5 High Angle


6 Low Angle


2/30 – Something that makes you happy

16 Sep


This is Sir Huffington. He is a very big teddy bear that my wife got me for my birthday a year ago. He has been sitting downstairs for a few months now and his presence always makes me smile when I come home from work.

After a casual mention that I wanted a bug teddy bear. My wife bought him for me. She gave him to me by driving up to my job with him sitting in the passenger seat.