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The Flash of 2013

23 Dec

I can’t believe how little I have written in this blog. Life has been going by so fast since the baby was born.

Little Bird is officially 6 months old. She gets cuter and cuter by the day. My wife’s family is coming into town for the holidays and they are going to love playing with her.




She has two bottom teeth already in. Plus her two too teeth have broken through. She is the queen of rolling over and will be crawling any day now. She is growing up so fast. I am both excited and saddened by it.

Little Bird and the dog have fallen in love with each other. They play with each other in a magical way that only dogs and babies can do. Peanut looks for Little Bird and Little Bird looks for Peanut.

We finalized Charlie’s second parent adoption earlier this month. So all in all 2013 has been a great success.



Creation Day

1 Oct

A year ago yesterday my wife and I entered the doctor’s office in hopes of becoming pregnant.

One year later Charlie and I sat down on the couch with Little Bird to celebrate what we are calling Creation Day.


What a great day!

Quick Baby Update

22 Jun

She is here and she’s super awesome.


She was 8 pounds 2 ounces.

I’ll post the birth story later.

Last Night

20 Jun

This is the last night of this pregnancy. I haven’t done much just straightened up, went to the store, and went out for dinner. I’m ready for tomorrow.


I took a picture of Charlie but she didn’t like it.

The Last Days

18 Jun

So my c-section is scheduled for Thursday. I am so excited but I’m freaking out. This is my last Tuesday without a baby in the house. I’m excited but scared. It’s getting so real.

She will be here soon.



38 Weeks and 5 Days

14 Jun


Next Week

11 Jun

At my appointment we have found out the following;

  • Not even a centimeter dialated—Not even a finger tip
  • 0% Effaced
  • Measuring two weeks ahead
  • Baby has yet to drop

The concern is that the baby’s head maybe not fit through my pelvis. This is something that was alluded to after my last ultrasound. The doctor mentioned the possibility of a c-section just so I wouldn’t be surprised during labor. Sue to the size of the baby the doctor has some concerns. So if things don’t change at my Monday appointment, a c-section will be scheduled for next week Thursday.