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Finally Here: The Birth Story

28 Aug

It has taken me a while to finally write this story but I have finally gotten into a good routine with my daughter. I shall refer to her as Little Bird, a nickname given to her by her grandfather.

My c-section was scheduled for June 20th. I had to be at the hospital at 6 am. That morning I got dressed and tried not to panic as we drove to the hospital. Knowing that the next time we returned home it would be with our baby.

Last Day of Pregnancy



As I entered the hospital I was in the company of several other pregnant women who were obviously having contractions. I automatically felt awkward and like I was missing out on something because I wasn’t having contractions. They called us into the back and took us to the prep room. We were shown the schedule for the day and I was handed a large stack of scary paperwork to fill out. Try to my style I read everything and asked a lot of questions. The nurse looked annoyed but I didn’t care.




I have always had a hard time having my blood drawn due to the position of my veins. As a result of this we had a little difficulty getting my IV in and I had to call in a ‘specialist’ to do it. When he got it in blood was everywhere. Luckily at this time Charlie had left to meet up with my best fried who brought her breakfast.


Then it was time to do the epidural. Out of all the information I read about c-sections and epidural’s nothing told me that you would feel tingling in your butt. So when I started feeling a slight tingle in my left butt cheek I freaked out; I thought something was going wrong and I was going to be paralyzed. Charlie did a good job keeping me calm and helping through the process.


Then it was time to head to the operating room. Again I started to freak out; this was the first surgery I had ever had so my mind was racing. Charlie had to wait before she could enter the room. Wait was truly only a few minutes felt like over an hour to me. I started to freak out some more and threw up. The next thing I know Charlie was by my side. So after a cut here, a nip there, a tug here, and a pull there Little Bird was born. She cam out hollering at the top of her lungs. They showed Little Bird to me so fast that I wasn’t sure if she had her hands and feet (even though I had seen her hands and feet via ultrasound). So I started asking Charlie if she has her hands, feet, fingers, and toes. She replied with a sweet yes babe.

They handed Little Bird to Charlie; she was so mesmerized by the baby that she forgot to show her to me. So I had to ask her to show me the baby. Charlie was having a hard time with that task so the nurse helped her put Little Bird on my chest. At the moment I knew Little Bird was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Charlie left my side to follow the baby and I was left in the OR by myself. I remember my doctor asking me questions but with all the thoughts going through my head I felt like she wasn’t speaking any English. So I just told myself to go to sleep and that’s just what I did. I was then taken to recovery and was able to get a good look at Little Bird. She looked so long and chunky; while they washed her she screamed and I thought it was the most beautiful noise I had ever heard. (I still think that her screaming is beautiful even if I’m sleepy.) While in recovery I breastfeed Little Bird for the first time. She latched on at her first try and nursed for 25 minutes. The nurses were shocked that Little Bird was our first child. I was proud of us and our first breastfeeding venture.


After some time had passed they moved us to our post delivery room. Charlie, my best friend, and I gushed over the baby as I suffered through a clear diet. I was then given the best plain turkey sandwich I had ever had in my life.





The baby is waking up from her nap so I will go through and update any grammatical errors at a later date.