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Baked Goods

29 Sep

Cupcakes for my wife’s birthday!




My Favorite Maternity Photo

7 Jun



I know that our eyes are closed but I love the fact that all of our eyes are closed. I think its funny.

That is all.

First Ultrasound

29 Oct

So today is my ultrasound. I’m super nervous. I don’t know what to expect, I don’t know that they will say, and this is just something new. 

LGBTQ Fertility Awareness Week

24 Sep

Did you know that today today marks the start of the first-ever LGBTQ Fertility Awareness Week?!?!?!?!

Password Protected Post

16 Sep

I will be posting some password protected post. So if you want the password let me know.

30 Day Photo Challenge

16 Sep

I’m going to try my best to do this.

Our Growing Family

In order to breathe a little life into this place, I’ve decided to team up with Olive and S for a photo challenge.  Its my first (as far as I can recall, but you know how mama brain works…) so, fingers crossed!

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Back on the TTC wagon

14 Sep

So this will be our first attempt since April doing  TTC. Today is the first day of my cycle and I am SUPER nervous. I wish I could explain how I am feeling on the inside. The last time we went to the doctor she discussed us using the medication Letrozole (better known as Femara). I am super conflicted about this decision. Should I take it or shouldn’t I take it? 

These are my thoughts…

This is my fourth attempt I don’t think I need medication. 

This is my fourth attempt maybe I do need medication. 

This is going to cost a lot of money. 

I’m going to waste a lot of money if I don’t try it with medication. 

But what about the studies? 

Many physicians will not prescribe letrozole because of concerns from a 2005 report from some Canadian fertility doctors suggesting a possible higher incidence of birth defects in pregnancies from using letrozole.

  • This study was from a small group of pregnancies and the study has been severely criticized for having an improper design
  • Femara is known to have a short half-life in the bloodstream and is given early in the menstrual cycle – several days before a fertilized embryo is present.
  • It is believed that the drug has cleared from the system before the egg is fertilized. Therefore, it is puzzling as to how the drug could cause birth defects.
  • The manufacturer of letrozole sent a warning to doctors saying there are reported birth defects in children born after mothers took Femara. This may have been due to liability concerns (lawyers and financial risks for a drug company) rather than real science.
  • The manufacturer of the drug has apparently not filed for FDA approval to use it for infertility. However, physicians often use medications in an “off label” way. When the off label use is safe and effective it is perfectly legitimate. Taken from:

But what about the women I know who used it and have healthy children.